That day…

I was in a deep and dark slumber
Entangled in the roots of  my despair
Trapped away in my cynical world
With doors and windows
That opened to the blank walls

Suffocated and torn in the dungeon
My dried eyes refused to shed tears
My shriveled legs refused to run away
My mind refused to believe in anything
Frantically, I searched for a way out

I yelled for help with no voice at all
I kicked the dilapidated walls
A single unfit brick fell off, miraculously
A  streak of light lit the corner of the room
Taking the cue and to end my misery

I kicked to make many more bricks fall
Slowly and steadily I made an escape way
Then I realized, it was not my first time here
But I resolved this must be my last time here
I closed the portal to that alter the world
and chose to slip the key away

I was thus reborn “That day…”


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15 thoughts on “That day…

  1. rubybastille says:

    I like how you used physical descriptors like dried, shriveled, etc to convey how hopeless the narrator feels. And these lines in the final stanza are powerful:
    “Then I realized, it was not my first time here
    But I resolved this must be my last time here”

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  2. cobwebsandconfetti says:

    I love the way you slipped a rhyme into your last two lines (“away..that day”). In a poem with irregular meter and no ordered rhyme scheme, a rhyming couplet at the end really signaled a tone switch to me. Your world was changing and becoming brighter – and I felt that in the cadence of the language, as well as the content.

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