The Lobster

When I started watching “The Lobster”, I was excited to watch a dark comedy.In few minutes, it became weird.A bit longer, I started questioning myself as to why I wanted to watch it in the first place [it was a suggestion by my hubs and bro ].Slowly as the movie progressed, I started enjoying it. Then came the sudden end to it and I realized that I simply loved the movie.very aptly categorized as a dark comedy, I felt it was also the story of two people in love, who try to communicate their love in their own way meet and do everything in their ability to be with each other!.It is a simple love story as mentioned in their tag line.

The movie is set in a dystopian world where if a person loses his / her partner they will have 45 days to find another one before they are transformed forcibly to animals.I told you, its a weird place to be. The single people are moved to a hotel where they have strict rules to follow and must find their partner there.The important criteria for choosing a partner is that the chosen partners must have a atleast one common trait among themselves.They also have to go hunt for “singles” who are those people who chose not to have partners and for every single catch they are given an extra day in the hotel.


Our protagonist “David” whose wife left him is taken to the hotel.He has a dog who is, in fact, his brother. He is desperate to find a partner and he decides to become a Lobster in case he could not!.There he meets and makes friends with two other – one with a lisp and another with a limb.They are all try to find partners to avoid from becoming an animal.

David escapes the hotel with the help of one of the hotel staff into the forest where the singles live.It was to avoid becoming the lobster at very crucial point.While out in the forest, among the singles he has to follow a different set of rules.The singles are not allowed to flirt or fall in love with other singles.One has to be content with oneself . It is there David finds “a short-sighted woman” with whom he slowly falls in love with.But due to the stringent rules among the singles they cannot express themselves despite which they built their way of love communication.

Then the inevitable happens and yet how “David and the short-sighted woman” tries everything to be together is what this movie all about.It was a delight to watch Collin Ferrel as David.There are many moments in the movie where you are disgusted, even flabbergasted, sometimes surprised or even sad.It conveys a message that at the end, only love matters and the tremendous strength one possess when in love to endure or to face the world.

This is a must watch movie for those who love something weird and dystopian.And I don’t guarantee that you might enjoy it the same way as I did.Yeah I know I am weird in that way.


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