So this post is a personal rant :).You have been warned!!

Well, I have been affected by a worse eye infection.Already, I am perfectly matching the “soda-glass” description of glasses and now thrown in an eye infection.It’s like a match made in heaven, like Idly and Sambhar.It’s made my life difficult and my work, even more difficult.My eyes, rather my eye infection made me realise about the important role they are playing and how ungrateful I have been even to acknowledge its presence.It’s like that saying,”You got to lose something to understand its value”

Anyways, back to the rant, the most affected of my daily routine was “squeeze_in_pages_to_read” which in turn hit my monthly target of reading and reviewing four books.I had already chosen and even started reading the books, but then I had to “switch_off“.Yup, culprit “Kindle”

I too had switched to Kindle for the cheaper rates of books and also the ease of carrying around.Though I still love my books, its wonderful smell, the touch back from the pages, the dog-earing of pages, somehow Kindle scored better.It allowed me to mix and read with just one thing to hold.Now with a toddler running around or find the peace of mind in washrooms, I simply loved Kindle books.But now I know that the marathon reading from Kindle had aggravated my eye injury.So books, as well as Kindle had gone back to take their long deserved rest.

Once I had to forcibly let go of my monthly reading target, I became so very relived from an unknown tension from my chest.It gave me a permission to literally breathe!!.I never realised I was pushing myself so very hard to achieve something and suddenly I became so much relaxed when the thought that I have a valid reason not to read 4 books, popped up.Well, I myself was so astonished the way I reacted.I thought I loved books and while it is very much true, I realized I was putting myself into a forced punishement of reading.It also made me realize, I totally forgot to enjoy the book, I  was reading.I could not happily read back the pages, or allow myself to know the characters or surroundings.The fact is that, I never knew what I was turning into.

Yeah, it’s a sort of mindfulness, rather a lack of mindfulness.

I had so much of free time but with less pressure.I had this epiphany of “deeply” looking into other aspects of my life and my family.My eyes-injury made me realize I can have so many wonderful things in my life, if not just blinded by what I must absolutely have in life.Its sometimes worthier to let go of expectations and live just like that :).And that was also the reason for not being available on blogosphere!! Well, that’s the End of rant 🙂



2 thoughts on “Eye-fection

    • Mal Raj says:

      Yea, my eyes are better now.Actually this made me mindful, rethink my priorities, my thought process and I decided to take things with a little more of perspective and of course be happier 🙂


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