A year of toddler school

Today is the last day of the first year in school, of my little girl.I am happy as well as sad about it.She was just 2 years old when we send decided to send her to nursery school.Though I never wanted to, circumstances of a working mother made me do it :|.I learned a lot about her as well as about me during this one year of her school.Like for instances, she already has a persona of her’s and she is totally different when @home and when @school.Even at this tender age, she clearly demands her needs and the numero uno of the same is “No school today”.Every other day is a chore, but once she reaches her school, she turns to this “happy child” running to be part of her class.

I am told she is quite naughty in her class and has trouble making friends.Though she likes her individual place, she also likes her activities in school.I was also so very happy to see her mingling with people other than us, her family.She loves to swing and slide and is an outdoor person.And she loves cars more than dolls.She loves to cycle and even learned to cycle from her school.And from today its the vacation time.Sigh!! what used to excite me in my younger days is kind of a dreaded affair in “N” ‘s case.

Ah!! the beautiful and treasured memories associated with the summer vacations…I wonder what would it be for “N”.But with time we too will have to let go of traditions and embrace new memories, in fact help “N” find or create her own memories for a life.I had always disliked summer classes what so ever but right now I have no other option other than to enroll her in some or other classes.And there are so many.I think it is quite difficult to select one of those, even more difficult than getting school admissions and in such exorbitant prices.It is moments like these that I despise working :|.

I believe[d] that I will take the fullest control of my kid’s life until she joins her school like 1st std or so.It’s like I will get to decide everything about her.I even didn’t want to work until she is like 6 or so.I always wanted to feed her, bathe her, select her clothes, play with her and let her be herself.This was my plan even I got into the labor room, but financial fate had other plans.It is quite depressing that I have never got to enjoy anything at all[a true state of many of my peers].The days when I have an off, I might do something that upsets her routines and she is irritated, which as a vicious circle irritates me.I realized, I was depressed.

Nowadays, I just take it one day at a time, help myself so that I can be with her, try to squeeze is more “us” time and move ahead.

Happy Holidays!!


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