A Jouska…

Ah, you know that dream of mine?

What about it?

It’s all gone, turned to ashes, just like that….puff

Huh!! What do you mean by gone?

The one thing which I was most looking forward to, the one thing that would have – could have changed my destiny is now out of my hands.I am a failure.


Good ?? What do you mean by good? I am telling you I have become “good-for-nothing”

Do you know why I said it was good? Because I have known you from the time you were born.In fact, I was born with you, remember. And I have always known, you are destined for something much better.And this failure is going to lead you right there, where you never have imagined.

Yeah, yeah!! I have heard this many times.But let me ask you if I am unable to achieve something this small, how am I going to achieve something big as you say ?? Tell me!!


Ahh !! I know you don’t have the answer right? Now just shut up and leave me alone.

Yes, I don’t have an answer to your logical question.I am simply letting you know what I feel about you,truly. I believe in you more than your logical conclusion.

And I know,”Dreams grow, especially when given failures as fertilisers” 





Note: A dream, I had for many years got crushed today, once again. It is truly devastating.And this is what was going on in my head since I heard the crashing of my dreams.Somehow, I this failure stings real bad!!


10 thoughts on “A Jouska…

      1. When the dream is something you have been fighting, fidgeting, waiting for so long, then I believe a mourning period is good to have before I decide what to do next!! Thanks for the encouragement!! 🙂


    1. Yeah, I hope to keep up the belief.My gut used to warn me that the dream I carry around will not work, guess I must have listened to it and helped myself from some pain. 🙂


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