Happy New Year!

Another year passes by and I cannot but ponder that how miraculously we have all remain the same by repeating the year before.

Sure, we did grew a year older and wiser(?). We may have loved, created and lived a fulfilled life this year.


When our bellies grew wider, our treadmill still hangs clothes while our gym membership gets auto cancelled.

When our gadgets got newer and slicker features to help free us more time and energy despite which we became lazier and tired scrollers.

When Alexa and Google home seemingly knows more about us, our habits, our groceries and our home more than we would ever know.

When we travel to newer places in making joyous memories but our happiness was numbered to Instagram and FB likes.

When our children changed shape, size and mode of transport from our hands to hips and to their legs but yet we could not find five minutes a day only for them and their stories.

When we made a lot of mistakes with and without knowing that they were mistakes and their impact and yet we have given away so many apologies without attaching any meaning in them.

When we did a lot of things which were important but then mostly for the paycheck at end of the month which helped us ignore the red flags raised by our hear and heart.

When we wanted to star gaze but Netflix was airing Andhadhun which had to win,obivously.

When we wanted to start meditating and so we downloaded “Headspace app” and miraculously we were done.

When deep down we knew we should stop, pause and reflect but then who has time for all of that ?

A whole year passed by making a lot of noise and yet didn’t make much of a difference. It is scary how we might be just repeating the year before.

Let us just believe in the magic of a new year from here and for once make some noise that becomes a lovely music to our ears!!

Happy New Year

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