That careless laughter

That deep talks after drinks

That hymn of your heartbeats

That long reckless drives

That shared daydreams and nightmares


That you are hidden deep in my soul

That like an amorphous, volatile memory!!



Monday Blues!!



When you think of the meaning of this quote, you realise that all through these years you had held the power of deciding your future.Not your parents, not your destiny, not your stars, not your nosy neighbours, not your friends.

Its always you who decide what you want to do with this miraculous life given to you.How stupid are we to ruin it for petty things, when all we need is to make that one decisive step and keep your foot firm on it to turn around your life!!.

Yes,today is my Day 1 into a new life where I get to decide!!

Thanks for joining me 🙂

Because I am happy

I see the clock showed that I am up before my alarm
and not that I lost my hour of sleep

I see the dancing dust in glittering sun rays
and not my dusty room which needs a clean up

I see the messages “Happy Birthday” from my dear ones
and not the faked reminders from social media

I see I have time to be lazy, read a book and have a coffee
and not needing to rush to my office

I see the yellow Maggi packet tucked away in the shelf
and not the empty fridge with my grumbling stomach

I see my new floral skirt to wear for office today
and not the loaded up dirty clothes in the machine

I see the quick drizzle end with the rainbow
and not my new floral skirt dripping wet

I see  all my friends for a quick cup of coffee
and not the usual cordial running away with one

I see the finally working prototype
and not the lines of code I have to write to make it working

I see  I have closed more bugs than another day
and not the piling up ones

I see I have time to eat my golgappas
and not the missed bus by minutes

I see I have a choice to give away a few of them
and not the begging hands of little children

I see I have hope for another beautiful day
and its because I am happy and I choose to be so 🙂





Enter a caption

That piece of desire,
Deep in my soul

Just needs a fire
To turn into gold

I,thus tell myself
Burn, Burn, and Burn!!






In response to Daily Prompts : Burn

An Aubade

a mistress,I am to you
clad in a seductive white
i wait for you
deeply rooted in here
as the night grows old
i yearn for you more
and sing this song of twilight
though miles apart we are
never can hold our hands
or kiss
but your gaze,those
soft moonlit rays,
from the heavens
i glow and twinkle
in your love
i grow whimsical
nothing more do I need
and as this aubade ends
i too will wilt away
yearning for your love
from this far across land!

Note : A song between the moon and water lily,at twilight

30 / 31 Birthday_Bucket_List

Hurray,I turned 30. And what a relief,I am still the same 😀

Just that I was down with an ear-splitting cough[for neighbours] and undetectable fever[yess…,visible only on the doc’s thermometer,alas!!].

Celebrated the day with a surprise outing planned by hubs in between his busy [boring] schedule,and the with movie “Deadpool”.And then back to home,where I got to cut my  favourite cake,bought by my dearest,  Dad.

And as to keep up with the tradition, “29 / 30 List” I am hereby putting up my 30 / 31 : list of “30” things which I want to complete doing this year and capture the very essence of me stepping into my “Thirties” 🙂

And here comes the list,

1 Read a book every week and write a review on it. You can find my reviews on this blog,and the updates on Goodreads. Its sada to say that I could never be on time with my “how-i -felt” posts about the books,though I am almost through the challenge.
2 A huge makeover to my technical blog !
3 Bake an original 2 tier cake with icing  Wait for the picture !
4 Bring in a morning / night routine for making more benefits out of me.
5 Stitch at least 3 salwar.
6 Learn to drive car confidently.
7 Set up a beauty routine.Perks of stepping into 30’s 🙂 Another pending post!!
8 Show up at the gym,Do that workout, Run,Go breathless. Its safe to say that Gym has become a routine in my schedule  and I am so very happy about working out as well!!
9 Create three distinct paintings,for the very sheer of creating it.
10 Plan a lovely get away for a week 😀 . Went to Munnar.And yess,planning for yet another for New Year’s!!
11 Switch off -Nonsense TV,Chattering FB,Intriguing Quora especially after evening. Yess…FB,Quora and TV and all those mindless stuff are off limits.I have made this rule to myself that if I have checked a site once in a day,I will no longer open it up again! And the time to check is after gym :)Well if no gym on a day,then there is no entertainment that day 😛
12 Plan and sketch and make a high yielding ,self-sustaining vegetable garden – For amma
13 Plan and sketch and make an elegant outdoor garden – with pool,green turf,birds nest,potted plants.
14 Music is good,listen to them more often.  And a couple of songs does make me high!!
15 Learn something new which helps me with my work both technically and personal skills
16 Make some time and actually,start writing my novel – every day.Finish before Nov
17 Make a cute terrarium for living place   Post to follow up soon 🙂
18 Clear off my credit card loan – Payment in 6 months and Not to use it ever again.  Finally,I have locked up my credit card,though it was very helpful at times,but then locking it up was one of the best decisions I have made so far 🙂
19 Make cookies at home
20 Start and make an up to date – diary for N  Instead I got an email-id for my girl and send almost daily-weekly mails to her 🙂
21 Make a money making android app and publish it in google play 🙂
22  Make sketching with a routine.Try everything – Zentangle,Doodles,Simple Sketches anything,but keep sketching
23  Spend more time with family – especially with my little girl “N”.She is growing up too fast 🙂
24  Bring on meditation into my life,even if it is for 5 minutes a day.
25 Blog more frequently and with more variety,connect to like-minded people,built a huge friendship network :)..what are the odds !
26  Write about all these projects 🙂
27  Travel at least to some nearby places 🙂   Explored near by tourist places like Thenmala, Dams, Kuttikanam 🙂
28 Being bold,patient and myself.To be able to do that shit which my faint little voice keeps telling 🙂
29 Blog every alternate day
30  To be decided

A Bird, a Plane, You!

I have always wanted to travel and I am more than happy if I can travel through time.Well,I don’t want to alter the past or the future.

Let the things,the places,the events,the people be just the same.All I want is to witness some of the most important things of history happening right in front of me.Just like rewinding and watching a videotape,I would love to watch all the events happened in this world,of course with me in it :).Events that capture my curiosity would be,

  • The Indus Valley civilisation,how they developed their script,what happened to them ?Were they attacked and wiped out ? Or did they manage to migrate else where ?


  • Or may be if the great war -Mahabharatha really happen ? Can I get a seat at the arena to hear Lord Krishna delivering Bhagavad Gita ?
  • How did they built the Great wall of China or the Great Pyramid built ? 
  • If only,I could,I would love to watch Susruta,conducting precise medical surgeries  ?

  • How blood-ish was the French revolution ? How agitated were the people ?How did people take the world by storm ?
  • I am getting all goosebumps while thinking about the one chance to listen to the revolutionising speeches of Gandhi or Hitler or Lenin or Churchill ?

Image Courtesy

  • May be walk along side Gandhi on Dhandi March ! And be a part of our freedom struggle.
  • What about a time travel to the atrocities committed by Nazis ? Inspired by E.M Night 
  • Well,how about travelling to the time when Charles Darwin who wrote the Origin of Species and researched about evolution? Or even Copernicus proclaiming that “Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe
  • I want to know all about the landing on moon by Neil Armstrong.“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Ha..there are so many !! 🙂

Closer home,I would love to go back to the time when my brother was born…I still love his pink feet 😀 and if I could re-live all the fun and innocence of my carefree childhood  days!

I would absolutely be on cloud nine,if I could only go on for a time travel on to the exact day my girl ‘N’ was born :).

Being a part of something historical,something mysterious,something important and finding out how it might have happened,I believe that is an experience in itself for a life time.!

In response to the Daily Post : A Bird, a Plane, You!