The walk.


“No, are you crazy? I can’t come for the walk.Who goes for walk when they have so much in their head.” she questioned him when he asked her to accompany him for a walk.


She hoped that he would notice her, come to her and wrap her with all his might.She also wished that he would not see her, not at least on his wedding day.She could not contemplate between her wishes.


She finally took a long walk, all by herself. Some how his advice of talking a long walk at despair does help.





That dark thought of giving up his life, was following him all over.The taunts, comparisons and unmet expectations had driven him to exhaustion.

It was when he had almost given up that he heard the suicide of a friend, the one with whom he had constantly been compared to.He could not believe that his ideal person with perfect qualifications, perfect job, the perfect family was living under such a facade of lies.

He was simply speechless when he realized that every single person has a story of his own, about his aspirations and dreams and failures.But what was startled him was the knowledge that everyone has the choice to write the story their own story, as they like.


Monday Blues



I was that shy and non-existent kid in the school.And I still remember everyone searching for the person who stood first in their class, with such high marks that they themselves have never heard of and that too in one of the dreaded subjects and from the most terrorised teacher in the school.I believe even she was surprised!! 😀

Yeah, sure.I get the meaning of the quote and that feeling.Guess, I will have just to repeat it once more.Well,where is my wand ?? Ta Da!!



Amy had promised herself that she would meet May, only if she reaches out to her. It has been 16 long years since the day Amy had last met May, but there never was a day in Amy’s life that she had not been reminded of May and thinking what she could have done differently.


Luckily for Amy, today she is going to meet May, her daughter whom she had given up for adoption 16 years ago.The joy of meet her own daughter after such a long period of time was uncontainable!!




That dawn,
among stars
I was,
someone’s angel
Under the blanket, 
of pure love
I drift to a,
beautiful slumber
Suddenly ,
I suffocate
I envisage,
I am
Inside the cocoon,
of my sadness 
And slowly,
 I die…


I achingly longed for him,
For the silence was deafening
He, the one who plays the tunes
And to which, I lovingly sway
Sometimes gently,
Sometimes vigorously
Longer are his songs on some days
Just a while, on others
At times he brings his friends
Who makes me tingle and sparkle
Mesmerised in their music
I give away my brittle babies
Slowly he stops his song but I remain allure
Away he takes the bodies of my dead children
And fumingly I wait for his return
But then, with his approaching music
I forget my dead children
And I simply give way to his needs
For its a vicious circle
His tunes and my dance
Are inseparable
For as long as life exists
“The wind plays his tunes
Along with his rain friends
A lone banyan tree sways
Shedding away her yellow brittle leaves…”