The Tastiest Wine

I always wanted to taste an alcoholic beverage.

This has been a long pending wish in my bucket list :).Now,any one would think,Is this even worth putting in bucket list ?

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My First Pizza

Well, Being an eternal lover for Indian pizzass…it was always there in my mind to try making one at my home.The whole process took me more than 3 hours and at the end,I had a pizza..which was not that great :D,the crust was very hard,the cheese did not melt and the toppings became all soggy!! But for the sheer ability of myself to make one at home running behind by one year old,I award myself a MasterChef apron 😀 haha…the pictures of the final pizza is as below…

Well,I started really appreciating the efforts of guys at Pizza hut or Dominoes and even to a certain limit began to accept their huge prices untill I stumbled across an answer in Quora [couldn’t find the original link for the answer] where it was mentioned that they recycle almost everything before throwing stuff to dustbins 😦 which was kind of gross and shocking!!

I still go for pizza,but yes the frequency is very very less!!! 🙂

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

What have I been reading ? : The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


Have I heard about this somewhere ? :  “Everywhere”

A Crisp Note:  A cue, A routine and A reward.And baaam…. there our lives fail or succeed!!!

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Happy Birthday..To ME :)

Well,as I am about to celebrate my 29th birthday..I have come up with a 29 over 30 birthday list…A list of 30 items that I would want to accomplish this year.I want to in fact relinquish my entire twenties in this one year!!

And here comes the list

Update: This list is still incomplete.And yes,I have a very good reason to it as well.There will always be some thing happening in your life to throw off your normal routine plans,make you perceive that nothing is more important than that one thing in your life!!

Well,hope to clear up everything with my next list 😀 “30 / 31 To-Do WishList”

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The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

What have I been reading ? : The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


Is it that…Movie ? :  The Book Thief(2014)

A Crisp Note:  Liesel Meminger,a 12 year old living with her foster parents, her friends and a secret tenant In short, the book deals with her life and the lives of others, through her eyes.

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