30 / 31 Birthday_Bucket_List

Hurray,I turned 30. And what a relief,I am still the same 😀

Just that I was down with an ear-splitting cough[for neighbours] and undetectable fever[yess…,visible only on the doc’s thermometer,alas!!].

Celebrated the day with a surprise outing planned by hubs in between his busy [boring] schedule,and the with movie “Deadpool”.And then back to home,where I got to cut my  favourite cake,bought by my dearest,  Dad.

And as to keep up with the tradition, “29 / 30 List” I am hereby putting up my 30 / 31 : list of “30” things which I want to complete doing this year and capture the very essence of me stepping into my “Thirties” 🙂

And here comes the list,

1 Read a book every week and write a review on it. You can find my reviews on this blog,and the updates on Goodreads. Its sada to say that I could never be on time with my “how-i -felt” posts about the books,though I am almost through the challenge.
2 A huge makeover to my technical blog !
3 Bake an original 2 tier cake with icing  Wait for the picture !
4 Bring in a morning / night routine for making more benefits out of me.
5 Stitch at least 3 salwar.
6 Learn to drive car confidently.
7 Set up a beauty routine.Perks of stepping into 30’s 🙂 Another pending post!!
8 Show up at the gym,Do that workout, Run,Go breathless. Its safe to say that Gym has become a routine in my schedule  and I am so very happy about working out as well!!
9 Create three distinct paintings,for the very sheer of creating it.
10 Plan a lovely get away for a week 😀 . Went to Munnar.And yess,planning for yet another for New Year’s!!
11 Switch off -Nonsense TV,Chattering FB,Intriguing Quora especially after evening. Yess…FB,Quora and TV and all those mindless stuff are off limits.I have made this rule to myself that if I have checked a site once in a day,I will no longer open it up again! And the time to check is after gym :)Well if no gym on a day,then there is no entertainment that day 😛
12 Plan and sketch and make a high yielding ,self-sustaining vegetable garden – For amma
13 Plan and sketch and make an elegant outdoor garden – with pool,green turf,birds nest,potted plants.
14 Music is good,listen to them more often.  And a couple of songs does make me high!!
15 Learn something new which helps me with my work both technically and personal skills
16 Make some time and actually,start writing my novel – every day.Finish before Nov
17 Make a cute terrarium for living place   Post to follow up soon 🙂
18 Clear off my credit card loan – Payment in 6 months and Not to use it ever again.  Finally,I have locked up my credit card,though it was very helpful at times,but then locking it up was one of the best decisions I have made so far 🙂
19 Make cookies at home
20 Start and make an up to date – diary for N  Instead I got an email-id for my girl and send almost daily-weekly mails to her 🙂
21 Make a money making android app and publish it in google play 🙂
22  Make sketching with a routine.Try everything – Zentangle,Doodles,Simple Sketches anything,but keep sketching
23  Spend more time with family – especially with my little girl “N”.She is growing up too fast 🙂
24  Bring on meditation into my life,even if it is for 5 minutes a day.
25 Blog more frequently and with more variety,connect to like-minded people,built a huge friendship network :)..what are the odds !
26  Write about all these projects 🙂
27  Travel at least to some nearby places 🙂   Explored near by tourist places like Thenmala, Dams, Kuttikanam 🙂
28 Being bold,patient and myself.To be able to do that shit which my faint little voice keeps telling 🙂
29 Blog every alternate day
30  To be decided