My Musings on Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine



By the end of the book, I was assured that Eleanor Oliphant was fine and so was I, in knowing that somewhere down the timeline of our life we all will embrace the words “I am fine”, as though it sums up everything we would want to say to ourselves and the world out loud, even if we have no listeners.

Shamefully, I wandered off in between as I found a forceful coalition of situations was created to lead Eleanor to the point where she starts to understand and deal with her trauma, though I couldn’t find any other way to make her question her true identity!

The pace picked up for me or rather I was too much of wanting to read about how she dealt with her past memories. This is a good read, Eleanor grows upon you. We immediately feel sorry for her, as we understand what she is missing and she being oblivious to everything around her. We sympathize with her scars and wanted her to find a way out of the protective cocoon she made for herself. We would want to embrace her. Even at the beginning, we are rooting in for her which brings me to Raymond. A perfectly ordinary guy and most importantly a friend who stuck long enough. That one person is what we all want in our life. That changes the equation of life, not necessarily by that person.

I wondered if only she had not met Raymond, what would have happened? There are so many people who cannot form any sort of bond with anyone. People just don’t include a person like Eleanor to their circle because they believe this person does not like to be involved. What would happen to them? What if they are too fragile to help themselves? It’s very easy for anyone to tell, just do it but for overcoming any traumatic event in their life however small it seems to need a lot of courage and a little bit of help!

This was the first read of the year and I want to keep the momentum going.

Title – Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
Author – Gail Honeyman
Format – Kindle
And, I Loved!

Weekend Bliss​​

I was alone in my balcony with a cup of hot tea, on a lazy Saturday morning, err… actually afternoon amidst the boring discussions in Whatsapp chats.

While my growling stomach reminded me of food and an empty fridge, the piles of laundry made me hunt for my faithful old jeans and the white tunic.

A happy me and grumpy stomach lead my way to “Paradise Biriyani House”, which served the best combo of biriyani with raita,uff….better than any pizza in the world.

With my tummy full, I decided to pass by my favourite bookstore, which much to my surprise was hosting a “Book Sale” and I was not the one to let go of the opportunity to buy a few more, even if I have dozens of unopened ones!!.

Just as I reached home, with a lot of books and a biriyani parcel it started raining heavenly, which reminded me that tomorrow was only Sunday!!.

This moment, this moment is what I call…a classic weekend moment!!.



Linking it with the prompt “Classics” for Six Sentence Stories


*raita / *biriyani

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Book Habits!

Hey there, sorry I could not return your book as I had to quit on short notice.Hope you don’t mind.Will get one when we meet back ”  said one of my friends who didn’t bother to return the precious copy of one of my favourites book.


“Here is your book, it was a beautiful story.I know, I took ages to read it.”She handed my book which was damp, moulded, dog-eared and had loose pages. I cried a little in my heart when my colleague returned my book after months of reading.


That was the last straw in lending my books to anyone.Whenever in any conversation topics like favourite books, authors, quotes etc pops up I keep mum, though I have this urge to dig all the details about the same.Most of the folks who proclaim they read are not serious.Some among those serious readers don’t have the minimum-book-manners aka, keeping the book neat and tidy.As I can never say a lie and not lend a book I have with me and I am afraid to loose another favourite book or get a damaged one, I choose to ignore the conversation.

I maintain a very high set of standards when I buy a book.I never write anything on any book I buy, No, not even my name or date as some people do.I have this weird idea is that my book must be as fresh and new as it can be, always !!.This habit of mine has caused me a number of books I had lent over the years as I could not prove it to be mine.Another thing is that I never dog-ear any of my books.I tried keeping bookmarks but they could not keep up from being lost or pulled away.Instead, I memorise the page number before closing the book.And that gives me an extra thrill :D. A habit of mine is that when I read, I don’t open the book fully.I feel guilty that my opening up of the book completely might hurt the pages! Weird I know!!

Now, with the advent of Kindle, I am happy that none of my above worries will materialise, but somehow I miss the touch and a sense of completeness a hardcover or a paperback provides you with. Sigh!!



Vellichor…A tale of books


On seeing my first salary credited to my account, I knew exactly what I wanted for myself.Of course, apart from spending it on sweets and wishes of my family, I kept it aside to buy books.I was spellbound on thinking the huge number of books I can gather when every month I get such a big amount.Books that were unaffordable until that time, books that I had to keep away thinking about “do_you_really_need_it_now ?” look from my dad, books that contained stories which I had only imagined.How naive was I to believe that I could buy a whole of them with my meagre income!!. and was very sad and surprised to realise that many of books are still elusive for me.

Books that were unaffordable until that time, books that I had to keep away just after reading the blurp so that I dont need to answer “do_you_really_need_it_now ?” look from my dad, books that contained stories which I had only imagined.How naive was I to believe that I could buy a whole lot of them with my meagre income!!. I became very sad and surprised to realise that many of books will still elusive for me.

It was around that time that I had a need to buy some entrance books for my brother.Though I insisted on buying new and fresh books, he was quite reluctant to pay such exorbitant price for them.He was the one who urged me to check out the famous Moore Market, the heaven for second-hand books at Chennai.So there I was all prepped for taking the long journey to the northern end of Chennai, on a hot sultry summer day to check out Moore market.It was there I found a whole new world of second-hand books.I had already known about the cheaply available used books but I must admit that I was an egoist to buy them.I always wanted to buy a new book and have it all to myself.

Reluctantly I decided to look for some of the books available in that old, woody and dingy cubicles. I was bit apprehensive but I admit that I got carried away by the love for books.I quickly found some gems in quite a bad shape but for such low prices that I just could not ignore them.I told myself, it the stories that matter and not the cover or the book as such.

Well, I quickly had to change my opinion.I have had books whose margins had a totally different story to tell.Those scribbled letters some of which I could not decipher had taken a toll on my sleep.I also found mostly bills, exam schedules even some torn 10 rupees to luckily a 100 rupee nullifying the cost of the book, tucked away in the covers.I am not sure how the sellers missed it :).

Somehow I had fallen in love with those second-hand books in that dingy old place.You just have to have some patience, some love and some good bargaining skills to get hold of some of the great books.Though I don’t know why people throw away books, I came to realize that one needs to part with their dear stories when they have to move on to share and find newer stories.

When moving out of Chennai, even I had to pass on my collection of books, which I want to believe will be adorning the shelves of a bibliophile.Even though I have started buying books from those the huge library kind of air conditioned book stalls, searching for books among the categorized places and not look at others or simply buy one at the click on internet or use a kindle, I still long to skim through the huge collection of old books and then stumble upon a totally different book,then bargain with the seller on how unworthy the book is and its good that you get rid of it 😉 and then finally sit and read the same.



At the end of long and tiring day
I hustle to my home happily engrossed
On the looming long holidays

Grabbing some greens and red wine
And some books and classics
I reached the door of my heaven

Owning the entire home
With all of the roommates away
The extrovert in me came to life

I kicked my shoes and threw my shopping bags
With my favorite music on, I poured me a glass of wine
All the while I run high of bibliosmia

It was then, I heard the knock
Another one, yet again!
I keep calm while pondering

Would my flung shoe giveaway?
Or the volume of the music giveaway?
Is my weekend all gone?

I pretend not to hear the knocks
I hope and wait for it to go
Am I a coward or just lazy?

I peek through the curtains
And saw the girl upstairs
Just hurry away!! 🙂

Too much for being an Irusu ??