Its Friday!!

  1. The biggest birthday gift!! 🙂
  2. This article speaks about the happiness myths we behold.
  3. A good article on why chennai flooded ?
  4. A list of mind altering confusing movies.
  5. Do you know about these seemingly known things ?


Cheers 🙂


Its been very long since I have posted about my weekly internet finds,well off you go for this week…

Happy Weekend!! 🙂

Five Friday Finds

Its Friday and here is my internet findings,Enjoy!!

  1. True purpose of solitaire,mind sweeper etc
  2. zenpencils
  3. Speech and Brain
  4. GooseBumps
  5. Time-History-Everything

Happy Weekend!



I’m back with the usual quota of Friday goodness from the internet

  1.  There are so many facts in this world which I have never heard about 🙂
  2.  Simulate and defer to more rational selves.
  3. Hopefully I will be able to watch atleast a few of these 🙂
  4. Learning Maths :*}
  5. False Ego!

Happy Weekend!


TGIF and here are my favourites once again,

  1. MindBodyGreen – Every  morning,I diligently visit this small haven to have my dose of facts,bit of self help,green juices,workouts etc.
  2. MadeHow – Would you like to know how our daily use items are made ? Or how computers are made.Just go to this place to know about all those!! 🙂 Quite a site to indulge when you have some time.
  3. Learning Android – A good place to start if you are interested in Android Dev
  4. So whats your personality ? I am Artisan 🙂
  5. Had to do some work based on Naive Bayes Theorem and stumbled upon this piece.Well had to unlearn to re-learn this 😛

That’s all for today!! 🙂


Its Friday once again and here I post the links which I found exciting, thoughtful and fun to read,

  1. Why do we procrastinate ?– Loved the way the Procrastination has been present.Its one of the best articles I have read on the same!!
  2. WallOfWonders : Preserve and Respect the 7 wonders of the world
  3. Web Designers – Quite a lot of trends
  4. A Head Transplant ??
  5. Au Revoir 🙂