If I were having coffee…

If we were having a warm cuppa of coffee, I would love to tell you how glad I am to return here and have a heartwarming chit chat !!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we celebrated my hubs birthday this month and it was super fun.I baked him a dates-carrot cake and finally did icing as well.Long overdue!! It was really horrible but it was also super fun.Hubs being a gym freak, I made him this.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I watched a couple of good movies, was able to read 4 books and I enjoyed “Em and Big Hoom” thoroughly!! I would also tell you that I was able to post about my journey more consistently

If we were having coffee, I would love to tell you how excited and happy I was when my blog “That Day “ got featured in BlogChatter.It meant “something_big_and_unexplainable” to me.I would tell you that how now I truly understand the meaning of “grass being greener where you water”.Spending a definite amount of time every day in my blog-haven have definitely increased my happiness and fun quotient


If we were having coffee, I would tell you about our impromptu trip to Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi on our anniversary day.We have celebrated our day drenched in rains, being mesmerised by the dilapidated beauty of Dhanuskodi.Clouds, sand, sea and a hot cuppa of tea….made my day! Though I don’t like PDA, ahem ahem especially in FB or any other social networks :P, I would still love to tell my hubs “R” that every day being with you makes me love me more and more.You made me believe I am worthy and so is my journey!!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all about the rating and stuff from my work and what I was thinking about my future with this organisation.Meanwhile, I would also talk about how stunned I was hearing about this tragic news.I have no words to describe my anger towards the human being who simply destroyed the hopes of a young life.

If we were having coffee, I would simply love to show you this entertaining piece much better than the original movie Raees. I would go on and on about how crappy SRK movies have become.I am afraid he has lost his lucky charm!!.From being an ardent fan, now I find excuses to miss his movies.I hope he comes back with a bang!



March Marched Away…

Leaving me lazier than ever!!

The sultry march was so longg…as if in a deep slumber to protect itself from the growing heat of summer.Yet,she did bring me a few good things ,

  • Finally it came to me as a big relief that I was misdiagnosed.It all started with a wrong blood report,on the basis of which medicines were administrated to me,which in turn threw my health out of balance!!I had a massive weight gain,hair thinning,mood swings,dizziness,heart burns,ulcers….etc.And I stopped taking the medicines based on my gut feeling and voila,every single health issue subsided the next day and vanished within a week :).Now,back to normal.Though this did affect my blog posts but nonetheless,a healthy body is most important!
  • At work,no work!! :).We had a whole month of free time,due to our client being on his paternity leave and our project being on maintenance mode.And I lazily spend the entire month surfing the internet,FB,WP Blogs,Quora.And the  finally deactivated all accounts except for blogs here.Well,I am at peace
  • My girl,is all grown up and will be at a summer camp next week to reduce her boredom at home.When we started looking for play schools for here,for one of the so called best school in my area,apparently,2 years is age-over for day care and she has to take “extra classes” to catch up when she starts actual school at June.Well,I decided that my girl would never be taking any stupid extra classes to grow up.
  • And here at blogs,I had the maximum views,comments and visitors since this blog has started,which has made me super happy!!

Now April is here,so will be the “New Year” as per our traditions.This month used to bring a lot of happiness,get togethers of families,yellow flowers,unniyappams,ah….Though days are going to be hotter,I can feel the numbness of being a grown up!!


An Ode to January

January,this always reminded me of a bunch of buds of white roses,cuddled together,waiting to bloom.The air is still cold,but with a warmth of the awaiting seasons in due course of the year.The dreams which are yet to bloom,the worlds yet to visit.Its always nice to be remembered that there is till a year out! :).This month

  • My girl started singing songs and even composes some all by herself.That little twist she adds to her singing is adorable!! 🙂
  • Finally,I found a work schedule which is actually working for me.Throughout this month,I have put myself through a vigorous timetables of achieving some goals and I am so happy that its showing me results
  • My brother visited us for a long vacation,which made me happy.We went for short and long trips 🙂
  • And the trips were fantastic,got to visit places which I never knew existed in my small hometown.Such a long wait 🙂
  • And,I started reading again,that was the highlight of this month :D.And the challenge is to read and review,a book every week.


Thanks January for being such a great month,and welcome February!! 😉


52 Weeks of Gratitude – Spouse

I am married to a wonderful person,”R”.It was an arranged marriage.To tell the truth,I was not into the whole marriage thing.I always wanted to run away..wander into some unknown place,out of my familiar and suffocating home..living from a single bag.I wanted to go deep into the wild,explore places where no one would have gone,read a lot and more.I wanted to find a nook for me in this world.

And as expected,like in most of Indian family,my parents never approved of my thoughts and choices.They wanted me to be their obedient daughter,well raised and bred for family.And then,I had my stars and signs all messed up,which added to their BP.Anyways,I was summoned to meet my now-husband “R”.The meeting lasted for more than the usual time.And discussions started from name,place thing to everything under the sun.It was clear that somewhere,he was going to be the “guy”.

To tell the truth,it was only after the marriage and then a hastily city shifting,and then a few more days of settling down I actually started to really know my hubs.We both had many similarities and even more differences.He is more a techie guy and I a book person.He hates reading,but I love it.He hates pizza,but loves oats.And for me,oats is yucky-substance!!.He is very particular about looks and checks and rechecks the dress he wants to buy,while me,I get in a shop and will be out in a jiffy as I already know what I want.He is a gym-fitness-freak,while I am 9 am-snoring person.

But amidst,all of these we did find our love blossoming.It is beyond anything you can particularly associate with.

He taught me,its okay to be myself.

He made me understand,life is how we respond to it.

He said,that our company can move mountains together

He told me crying with me,for me was foremostost the beautiful thing he has done.

He does all those things especially for me,which is more valuable than anything expensive

He tries to fulfil my dreams in a subtle way 😉

He listens when I talk.

He goes silent when in pain,which made me realise,silence hurts more than yelling

He always says,for any problem,there is a solution even if some problems always remain so..

And the list goes on…but the most important one would be the way he make me feel loved all the time!! and thats what I would have wanted in my life!!

This is for my love,my dearest “R”.

I am grateful to have him in my life!!

Gratitude Challenge


Why start this challenge ?

Now the answer for this question is related to how the year 2015 was for me.To tell the truth,2015 was the hardest year of my life.

The pain,I had to undergo was excruciating.I never knew,I had it in me to accept this pain and then overcome the same.But,this pain showed me how strong I am,in so many different ways.I discovered a part of me,which I never knew had existed.

And I realised amidst of all of these troubles and pain,one can always find a silver lining of hope,of a better tomorrow.But,towards the year end,I somehow understood that the pain made me suffer it was a boon in disguise.That made me extremely grateful..I am grateful to be able to undergo the pain,and find my way out through it but by being grateful for the same pain.

Thus,I felt the need to dedicate this year, for gratitude 🙂