Because I am happy

I see the clock showed that I am up before my alarm
and not that I lost my hour of sleep

I see the dancing dust in glittering sun rays
and not my dusty room which needs a clean up

I see the messages “Happy Birthday” from my dear ones
and not the faked reminders from social media

I see I have time to be lazy, read a book and have a coffee
and not needing to rush to my office

I see the yellow Maggi packet tucked away in the shelf
and not the empty fridge with my grumbling stomach

I see my new floral skirt to wear for office today
and not the loaded up dirty clothes in the machine

I see the quick drizzle end with the rainbow
and not my new floral skirt dripping wet

I see  all my friends for a quick cup of coffee
and not the usual cordial running away with one

I see the finally working prototype
and not the lines of code I have to write to make it working

I see  I have closed more bugs than another day
and not the piling up ones

I see I have time to eat my golgappas
and not the missed bus by minutes

I see I have a choice to give away a few of them
and not the begging hands of little children

I see I have hope for another beautiful day
and its because I am happy and I choose to be so 🙂




A Dialogue ?

ME: Uhh..what do I write about ?
My Alter Ego : You can write about anything you love!
My Ego : Ah..what a parody ? Do you even like anything let alone love!!??

ME: Sshhh…Quiet..breathe breathe
AE : Okay,I think you must not heed to the voices of this gentleman!
E : Areey..when did I become a gentleman ? I am the fiery woman…

ME : Yea,I am “The Women” of the 21 st century!! Wasn’t there some ad about this 21-century women some time back ? My God,I am so old
AE: Yeah,you are old,but you are wise too…
E: What ??? Wise…wise would be someone who would not post this and sure you are damn old.Did you even know how to use your “smart phone” like your 2year old daughter ?

ME : Does silence counts when reality hits ?
AE : Cheer up,you are no alone in here..see there are many folks..well,your friends and colleagues…
E: Ha,are you sure ??

ME : Stop,don’t you be helping me in finishing up this write-up ?
AE: Oh..This is nice!! Sure go ahead to post
E: Well,nice..let’s see,how much of people actually is going to read this up ?

ME : It would be a lie to say that I don’t care,coz I actually do care about seeing those like,reading those comments and what not..!!
AE: So go ahead and post your mental chatter.
E: Yes,go ahead and post your mental chatter.
…And there my day has begun 🙂

Cheers :)

At 3,I believed happiness was everywhere and in everybody.

At 5,I believed happiness was to see everything this world just by climbing up my dad’s shoulders!

At 6,happiness was when I got to eat my favourite biscuits as snacks .

At 8,happiness was when I won the first district level competition for a painting contest.

At 11, I was on cloud nine, when my parents bought me that cute birthday dress after repeated requests from months before :).

At 13, Oh my evergreen pick hero bicycle!!

At 15,Happiness was all wrapped up in that proud feeling of topping my school.

At 18, The excitement to be able to become an Engineer that too in a Govt college,without burning a hole in my parents emergency funds.

At 19, Finding my way out of innocence of childhood,trying out adventures with friends,late night talks,hostel pranks,cultural,dances 🙂 Sweet!

At 20, It has to be the look returned by the boy I had a huge crush upon,well that made me happy 😀

At 21,Securing that first job,happiness was redefined when I saw tears in my amma’s eyes!

At 22,I’m sure it was the first salary I earned 😀 and the independence it bought.

At 25,earning a decent salary and being able to help my dad built our home and I realised money do bring happiness.

At 26, Getting married to “The One, R”

At 26,blush blush…First Kiss,how can I miss that ;).Damn,more than being happy,I was nervous!!

At 29, Holding my little girl before anyone else could have :D,that is the most happiest I have ever felt.I do certainly believe, this cannot be topped off with..:D

At 30,Being here..I know,I can go home to see my girl who will be waiting.I know,I have my mom and dad to take care of me no matter the age.I know,I have a superb hubs waiting for my return.I know,I have a better job that most of the people.The realisation,has made me more humble and happy.So,yes,This moment makes me happy

In response to the IndiSpire Edition 108 : What does happiness mean to you? Do you go looking for happiness?