Do you really know?!

The white lilies
or silver cups of poison ?

Yellow dreamy sunflowers
or a little sun in every single flower ?

The lovely fairy tailed fishes
or our lives just before we are born ?

An old withered and a sprawling tree
or a lonely person simply waiting for a friend ?

Deep intriguing starry night sky
or a picture printed by our firing neurons ?

A tip of an iceberg
or the deck of an underground empire ?

A gushy cold wind on face
or the breath of an unreturned soul ?

A streak of sunlight admist the rain
or a hug of mother consoling her son ?

A hue of paint on an canvas
or the mind of wandering persona ?

An angry conversation with a loved one
or sadness due to inability of ones self ?

A pale blue dot.
or one among the pale dots in the entire universe ?

Are you living your life in a dream ?
or are you living your own dream ?

Tell me do you really know,
what you don’t know ?

Day 2 of barathon


Born Again ?

A dark cave,in the middle of nowhere
And I don’t remember how I came here ?
It’s filthy,dungeon and smells like pee
And I wonder how long before I see
The wonderful,horizon beyond the sea
Huddled in despair of unknown
I was crying, but my tears, bygone
It felt like flying among stars with no breath
It felt like a rainbow of thousand colors
It felt like tiny snowflakes in summer
It felt like a weird connection between life and death
I felt in me,the emotions,I never knew
And then,I dropped under my weight
A touch,a snob,a tear or two and the smell
A familiarity loomed somewhere in there
So did light from a thousand moon’s
As I glanced the moon,I saw a door
Hoping for an exit from this nightmare,I rose
But an urge to look back took me for a surprise
An entirety of my life flashed in seconds of time
As the cave lighted up my memories,
like the jellyfishes of a calm sea
I realized,I am more alive than ever before
Sure,I am ready for my next adventure
To make new life from being dead…

Sometimes,death is stranger than fiction 🙂


Cloud Art

I always had this thought,

” Clouds must be a very vast canvas of that strange artist who has got such talent to simply mould them into spectacular pieces of art.When the colours, hues from sunlight,water drops,ions in the sky are incorporated into them,Master pieces are born!!

And we are simply bound to be spell bounded by thou art! ”

In response to Daily Prompt “Clouds

Ah..that word…

I have a million of things to write about and about hundreds of them make to my drafts.And I post only a handful of them.

Does that show I don’t value what I write ? Do I feel my words are not worthy of an audience? Why do I keep on mercilessly edit and reframe the sentences ? Why can’t I just write down all that passes through my head,shoulders,knees and toes ?

Well, some will read the entire thing while some will simply scan.Some may even comment.I always have this fear of not being able to write up to a standard I have set for myself.Sometimes,I even feel so very drained out after replying to a comment.Does that show my need for perfect pieces ? My head says “ are just being paranoid” and my heart says.. it is because I am too attached to the writing and I want to excel in it! But the more I try to hold myself, I feel like I might loose the interest to make wordy things in my world!

And then one day might come,when I will no longer be able to write anything! Ah..the perfect word that summons my thoughts : “Writer Block”

Those words,
Emotionally wrecking
Deepening wounds
Inflicting mind
Some are burned
Some are crude
It’s stuck,somewhere
And everywhere
In my heart ?
Or In my gut ?
And I try hard
To force them out
A bundle of words,
Falls right in here…


An Epiphany..!.

Unbearable is the pain,
when you simply walk away
I stand here all alone…
yearning for you to come back
But I know you are now, just,
a beautiful piece of memory
I wish I had never met you,
only to build memories
The ones that can never,
ever be thought without crushing pain
As I realize you have gone too far,
I understand,I have nothing to hold on
Neither your shoulder to lean on,
nor your hands to hide my tears
I lost my life, virtues, and thoughts,
just to gain some moments very deep
I cherish them with you ,but
its remembrance now is but a heartache
Alone while standing in the rain,I shed,
the tears of my pain
I try to reason, in my head, Why me ?
and search for an unknown answer
While all the time I knew, at my heart
some things are just bound to be…

Note : A heartbreak!


An old blue silk saree, adorns her body
A thin gold chain around her neck
Her hands filled with red bangles
Her dark kohl filled black eyes
Dreams about her future life
Her smile,brightens the hopes
She was a beauty!
And there he stood,her saviour
Until today he was no one
But after today he is the one
Non describable was he, but his act
Will be the talk for years to come
To marry the girl,whose innocence  was robbed
And was sold as cheap old gold
Her eyes were in tears of happiness
She turned back to see her friends
Their gleaming eyes filled with hope
For a day like this might come
A release from this wretched life
A wedding so rare,thus happened !
With  blessings and well wishes
She moved on with him
A new home and hopeful new world
She took care of him and so did he
They loved each other
In a way no one else can
She was safe with him
Away from those stares and ogles
And from the haunted memories
In every moment spend with him
Only to be interrupted,
By the knocks at their door
Quoting prices for her
He , neither could she tolerate
She was reminded of her old life
As she walked the streets
The ladies and the kids
Stayed away from her
People talk and talk
Spreading  news of all kind
She could tolerate,but not him
His eyes oozed the pain
Of an unfulfilled promise
She cried,cried and cried
And then finally decided
From better or worse
She could never be with him
Her life is a simply a mirage
And returned to her old home
Where all those gloomy eyes
Absorbed her sorrow
And the realisation of their life.


I was born very late in the night.

Dawn,to be precise.Nothing but only the tender moonlight,sprayed upon.I have finally reached my destination.This,the birth was overwhelming.I was scared and sad.And then I began my waiting…,to die.Well,that was my purpose.I was born to die.

I felt,I might not even live until the sun rose. My death which was certain and I even knew how I would die.I would simply dry up or burst open.But sometimes,even a light breeze can kill me,if I am not careful.

Once I settled,I noticed my surroundings.The dimly lit landscape,with rays of sun slowly seeping in.The beautiful sky which was being nudged by the sun rays to wake up,spreading its orange hues.The huge trees.The flowers.The green plants.All were sleeping and no one knew,I have arrived.

I was appalled by the beauty before me but was sad,thinking about the minuscule of life I had to enjoy this.In me, echoed the  voice of elders,”There was no real purpose of our birth.And by our death,we hope to be reborn to tell the tales of wonder who chose to go down this path.”

It was then,a little girl with her grandfather came running to me.I was trembling with fear,for the blanket under which I hid myself was opened.

“Look,grandpa.Look at what I have found.See,this is shining at the tip of the rose bud.Look, how pretty is it ? ”

“Oh dear, its dew drop.”

At this moment, I realised my purpose of life which was smaller than an eye-blink.I am alive to help a little girl form a beautiful memory.And as long as she is able to recall my existence and be happy about it,even if it was for a moment,I consider myself to have “lived”.A huge life span doesn’t matter unless,if we are able to spark a tinge of happiness in at least a person.

Though,ephemeral.I understand,I am eternal in a little girl’s memory!


Note: Bit late due to hectic schedule at work.Nonetheless,continuing with the challenge!! 🙂