Love is…!!

Love is…when your husband,who has never entered a kitchen,except to eat,storms in there and cooks up a delicious dinner only to surprise you!! 😀

Ours was an arranged marriage and it took my husband only about 30 mins of chat with me to say “Yesss!!!”. I,on the other hand was utterly confused and tensed if the decision was made in a haste .The only thing I was able to notice then,in my future-husband was his smile,which was beaming straight from heart,or so I felt.I am a very introvert person while my hubs is totally outgoing ,talkative,fun loving guy.And slowly he made me realise that he is the perfect partner for me.It took us 3 months after marriage to be together under the same roof.It was then, we found our love!

Setting up our new home and the start the new life,learning the likes and dislikes of each other,learning the small nuances of life together,buying things for home,or for kitchen,everything was a different and sometimes difficult.But,when ever I look at him,there he would be present with that smile and the solution to almost all my problems.The ease with which he made me slip to our life was something I can never understand.He too was in a new place,new state but he managed everything or was it his smile,that helped me relax ? I don’t know for sure!!

We both work in the IT sector and it was so difficult to reach home on time to cook the dinner.Almost every other day,I crib in my sleep about the traffic,dinner making and dish washing process.I was tired and just wanted a break.

And one day,I was very late and was hurrying to reach home,I was so surprised to see my hubby there.He had come in early.“Oops”,I was thinking what will I cook up something quick ? He used to be late every other day and today he had to come early ? Sigh!!

I told him that I will cook up something very quick and without even changing my clothes,I rushed to the kitchen,only to see a chaotic,messed up,war-zoned kitchen.I could see almost all the dishes,plates out of the cupboard.All the vegetables,dal,masalas, out of their boxes or the fridge.And even more soiled plates.I was aghast!!

And as I turned ,I saw my handsome husband,with his trademark smile,was all ready with an elaborate dinner of palak paneer, vegetable thoran, muringa-dal curry ,rice, chapati, omelette for us :D.I vent out such a huge sigh filled with laughter,both by the relief of not having to make dinner and being able to gorge on such a elaborate dinner.The tiredness vanished from my face and there I was laughing out so loud along with my husband,while all my thoughts were about him.He had noticed my cribbing,my tiredness,and came home early only to surprise me with a tasty dinner.And,yes,I cleaned up the kitchen while he washed the dishes.This event bring me tears of happiness every time I think about it.

And I realised I have such a perfect gem with me and I am glad,he said “Yess….”!!

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52 Weeks of Gratitude – Spouse

I am married to a wonderful person,”R”.It was an arranged marriage.To tell the truth,I was not into the whole marriage thing.I always wanted to run away..wander into some unknown place,out of my familiar and suffocating from a single bag.I wanted to go deep into the wild,explore places where no one would have gone,read a lot and more.I wanted to find a nook for me in this world.

And as expected,like in most of Indian family,my parents never approved of my thoughts and choices.They wanted me to be their obedient daughter,well raised and bred for family.And then,I had my stars and signs all messed up,which added to their BP.Anyways,I was summoned to meet my now-husband “R”.The meeting lasted for more than the usual time.And discussions started from name,place thing to everything under the sun.It was clear that somewhere,he was going to be the “guy”.

To tell the truth,it was only after the marriage and then a hastily city shifting,and then a few more days of settling down I actually started to really know my hubs.We both had many similarities and even more differences.He is more a techie guy and I a book person.He hates reading,but I love it.He hates pizza,but loves oats.And for me,oats is yucky-substance!!.He is very particular about looks and checks and rechecks the dress he wants to buy,while me,I get in a shop and will be out in a jiffy as I already know what I want.He is a gym-fitness-freak,while I am 9 am-snoring person.

But amidst,all of these we did find our love blossoming.It is beyond anything you can particularly associate with.

He taught me,its okay to be myself.

He made me understand,life is how we respond to it.

He said,that our company can move mountains together

He told me crying with me,for me was foremostost the beautiful thing he has done.

He does all those things especially for me,which is more valuable than anything expensive

He tries to fulfil my dreams in a subtle way 😉

He listens when I talk.

He goes silent when in pain,which made me realise,silence hurts more than yelling

He always says,for any problem,there is a solution even if some problems always remain so..

And the list goes on…but the most important one would be the way he make me feel loved all the time!! and thats what I would have wanted in my life!!

This is for my love,my dearest “R”.

I am grateful to have him in my life!!