Recurring Dream! #writeup

I ran…ran as fast as I could, as far as I could. Without a sense of direction, I fled in that one momentary lapse of his attention, in all these years, from this small, dark, and stingy, dungeon in this deep forest.

I had with me, a recurring dream…the last thing, I believe, I  remember of a past, I had. It fuelled my escape from this hopelessness.

” The long-lasting dream.

The last thing I ever remember of life.

The last place I saw,  from where I was abducted.

The last place I was warned not to be…

It stood tall, even after all these years…covered in green moss, beautiful and unloved, showing a way


In my pounding heart, I can already feel the calmness of a home, somewhere nearby!!

Pic courtesy – Sue Vincent



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Thursday Thoughts

It has been quite some time since I had peeped into my nook here in blog world.After many ups and downs in recent months, today I am totally changed, as a person.I decided to start taking baby steps to grow the blog, because it’s the space I missed the most and share things that I love and admire and dislike as well. So wish me luck!! 🙂

Before you leave for the day here are some of the links from the web, enjoy…

  • This inspiring TEDTalk 🙂

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I woke up to a heart-wrenching pain

The one that prepares you

For that something bad,just there

I know it and ignore it

The gut just wrapped away

I felt dead,failed, violated

And humiliated as I seated there

Streaming down voiceless tears

Opens up my raw fears

You , a part of me and Me

Dies and fades into eternity

The journey from two lines

To the swab of red spots

Was the most difficult one

I had ever traveled.