A Jouska…

Ah, you know that dream of mine?

What about it?

It’s all gone, turned to ashes, just like that….puff

Huh!! What do you mean by gone?

The one thing which I was most looking forward to, the one thing that would have – could have changed my destiny is now out of my hands.I am a failure.


Good ?? What do you mean by good? I am telling you I have become “good-for-nothing”

Do you know why I said it was good? Because I have known you from the time you were born.In fact, I was born with you, remember. And I have always known, you are destined for something much better.And this failure is going to lead you right there, where you never have imagined.

Yeah, yeah!! I have heard this many times.But let me ask you if I am unable to achieve something this small, how am I going to achieve something big as you say ?? Tell me!!


Ahh !! I know you don’t have the answer right? Now just shut up and leave me alone.

Yes, I don’t have an answer to your logical question.I am simply letting you know what I feel about you,truly. I believe in you more than your logical conclusion.

And I know,”Dreams grow, especially when given failures as fertilisers” 





Note: A dream, I had for many years got crushed today, once again. It is truly devastating.And this is what was going on in my head since I heard the crashing of my dreams.Somehow, I this failure stings real bad!!



A Dream Vacation

What could be more exciting than being a carefree traveller who has access and means to travel all across the world,experience different cultures,cuisines and wonderful people.The mere mention of “travel” fills up my memory with days of summer vacations at my mom’s place.That was the first of my travel adventures.Our home,chilly old town deep inside a forest is very near to Munnar.

Though the charisma of mountains,forests and rivers are fading out,still the nostalgia holds it together as a grant picture.Travelling to my hometown means a lot of things.

Our home is surrounded by mountains on all sides.We have a small creek flowing through our land and reaches a river.Early mornings are mysteriously beautiful!We can actually wait to see the mist clearing and the mountains dawn before us while the sun rises!! And I wonder how many places can offer us such a sunrise in this world.Everywhere in this world,the sunrise is one majestic piece of Art,and the mere sight is itself fill us with a sense of belonging.I have felt this when I saw the sunrise at Kanyakumari or at Kanjenjunka :).

Nothing beats the taste of the authentic flavours of my grandmom.Even if it is a simple pickle,her hand does the magic that not even my amma can replicate.When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved for her food,that’s my Grandmom’s magic food.I believe while we travel we must try out variety of food which is locally available.This really helps us understand the authentic taste of the food of that place.I feel,the authenticity loses its shine if prepared outside that particular area.When I was in Chennai,the small idlis in a bucket load of sambhar with a whole spoon of ghee…Yum…Sadly,nothing I did at home,could replicate the original taste.So there,food also adds to the experience of travelling.

Being so near to Thekaddy Wildlife Sanctuary and Munnar,our place amidst the forest does have visits from wildlife.I have been in awe seeing the variety of monkeys,wild snakes,wild pigs,endangered species of ant eaters near by our home.And I have learned a lot from these encounters and it has also helped in gaining knowledge about the flora and fauna of my area.I still rememeber,how this had helped me with my science projects.This also reminds me about the fishes and corals I saw when I had gone snorkelling at the Andaman Islands.

We can all be tourists,but a few can be travelers who can actually get deep into the culture,learn them,understand them,be a part of them.It takes time,patience and caliber to be a traveller.These people have profound effects of travelling in their life.They are the ones who wonder,what the next destination has to offer them ?  They are travellers of lifetime 🙂

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