Next Year…

It was the end of one more grant year for Deeps.She was excited to exit the year happily and was so ready to embrace the new adventures from life.

The new year party was at full swing.It was just few more minutes to 12 O’Clock .The count down had already begun.

“10..9…8..7…”,even before the count down could finish Deeps heard loud noise of heavy artillery firing from behind.At first she thought that it was the loud Metallica playing in the fore ground added with the cheerful New Year Party noises of the crowd gathered,but she felt quite uneasy.Her gut told her to move somewhere “safe“.Even before she could get a sense of whats happening,the time became still for innocent Deeps.

She suddenly had no more “Next Year“!


Note : Paris killings in mind!



A Confession…

It had been cloudy all day
Just like my mind
But I am determined
A confession is all need from her
I slowly walk into her room
And open the closed windows
The floral curtains sprung to life
The pages of her book just flipped across
As I turn around to look at her
My heart aches like none
The ruffles of her bed
The dried flowers of vase
The books in shelves
The dusty floral curtains
Everything is as same
But,nothing is same at all
Frozen, I stood near the window
From here,I still see her lifeless body
Lying in the bed I made Continue reading “A Confession…”


Dad : Hey, son did you have your dinner ? Come down now and have dinner.Mama and me are waiting for you.

Son : Im nt hngry nw!.wil hv lt ltr.

Mom : Its getting cold.If you can better come to eat.I need to do the dishes and then go to sleep.Come down now!

Son : k

Mom : Will you call down her as well ?

Dad : Hey daughter, can you come down for dinner ?Its already 8.

Daughter : I dnt hv tym dad.I hv 2 finis of tis asgnmnt 2 b submitd 2mrw.

Daughter : I nt hngry 2.Mom has made bhidi, which i don’t lik !

Mom : Well the time you take to type of this conversation in whats

app is all needed for you to come down and have the dinner !! 😀


Note : Inspired by a  present day whatsapp family scene :D,I witnessed recently!!

Battery Operated

I could not lift the arm.Its unusual.Never once in my life did I have the trouble of using my arm!!

I yelled to my wife,”Honey,I can’t lift the arm” .Can you please help me ?

“Oh well thats because,I forgot to charge the batteries to your arm last night .Can you please use your human hand ??“,my wife yelled back !

Since the whole advent of battery operated hands have taken place,it feels very odd to use my own hand 🙂

Writing Prompts :)



I am just trying to flex my brain into including the above listed writing prompts for whole month of December and I am quite excited to see how well it goes!! 🙂