A Fullstop.

As I held my child last night, all I could see was her prick marks, her bald head, her hopeless eyes and her small body writhing in pain.

So, I did what I could and helped her move to her painless world.


An Epiphany..!.

Unbearable is the pain,
when you simply walk away
I stand here all alone…
yearning for you to come back
But I know you are now, just,
a beautiful piece of memory
I wish I had never met you,
only to build memories
The ones that can never,
ever be thought without crushing pain
As I realize you have gone too far,
I understand,I have nothing to hold on
Neither your shoulder to lean on,
nor your hands to hide my tears
I lost my life, virtues, and thoughts,
just to gain some moments very deep
I cherish them with you ,but
its remembrance now is but a heartache
Alone while standing in the rain,I shed,
the tears of my pain
I try to reason, in my head, Why me ?
and search for an unknown answer
While all the time I knew, at my heart
some things are just bound to be…

Note : A heartbreak!

The spicy curry!

Uff! my arse…

Why God ?

When my Indian girlfriend lovingly asked me not to indulge in the spicy curry bought for her,why did I get offended ?

Why did I have to choose the curry rather than oblige a simple “No”.




I closed my eyes, opened a dream
Took a peek into my past
A canvas with no memories or souvenirs
I realise, my time, trickled away…

I closed my dream,opened my eyes,
Time still trickled, but,

I am awake and alive !



The Reply.

“Doc, Its an emergency.10 year old boy,fell from a tree.External bruises.Unconscious”.
Briefed the nurse.


“Come on, kiddo…Please, just breathe…one more time .”


Outside the Casualty, amidst the wailing parents, all I could mumble was,

“I am sorry”




Black Tick Mark Socks!


“Son,are these your own socks ? They have some black tick marks.”

Oh! That mama ?

Everyday at school,the richie rich Joe and his friends tease me for not having “the black tick mark socks”.

So, “I made them on my own!”


I saw my parents crying.And all I could do was lie frozen besides them.

That is when I heard someone ask something about depth,to my tired father.

He mumbled,“It was just deep enough for him to drown to death