Thats Me..!!

I always wanted to have a quiet and small space to spend a few minutes of my day.At first,I had a small corner in my home amongst the books where I read a lot,but then I had to leave my home for work and the schedules were not flexible enough for me to read quietly. Then came the internet to every home,every phone…and became a common thing,I slowly migrated from reading paper backs to ebooks,news from news paper to e-news-paper.All these years I also did had an urge to pen down my thoughts.But I was afraid,thinking how worthy could my words be.Though,some of them got published as articles in newspapers and in other magazines,I was not confident enough.

Then,I found out about blogs.

The urge to blog was there with me for many days…well…years to be precise,but it got materialised only this year,2015.It took me many days,to convince myself to start this blog.At first ,I planned to “blog” about a thing or two that mattered to me,in my life.Well,I must admit,I have come a long way from that initial thought process.It has been a such a sweet and satisfying struggle to build my blog and continue doing so until now.When I started,I was under constant worry thinking about what to write,or how I will write,and I even abandoned this for a while,but now things are slowly coming together as I had envisioned and today,oh boy!,for me this place had become that nook of my heart,my home where I can relax,share about me and my day and Be myself!!

I have now realised writing gives me that fuzz that I haven’t yet experienced in any other part of my life or career yet(except for the occasional solving of some algorithmic programs).And the fact is that this fuzz remains within me every time I write something or even if i think about something which I must share in my blog.

I must admit,I am amazed!!I may not be politically correct,my sentences might be grammatically incorrect,my thought process might be broken and at times my ideas might not be connective enough but still I love this fizz buzz that writing gives me and the learning curve along with this blog had been huge.

And about me, I am happily coding my way through an MNC, married to my dear hubs ‘R’ and mama of a toddler ‘N’ and still living with my parents :D.Yes,being a mother to a toddler takes away most of my time,but it’s totally worth it.I am cherishing this very moment in my life,occasionally becoming sad that my lil one is growing up so fast!!

I used to be an avid reader,but these days due to shrinking me-time has bought my reading to almost zero,but hey,I do try to catch up occasionally…Hmmm,to say about my love…I love cakes and my mother used to bake me a lot of cakes.And now its my turn and for almost every other events/occasions at home,I try to whip up a delicious cake :).I am quite organised as a person and I like things being kept in their respective places,which rarely occurs in my home…Outside home,I love rains,more specifically the moment it’s about to rain.The heavy winds and clouds and earthy smell…Rain brings in life to the dry land,it greens out everything…And then the blue ocean right at sunset,the orangish-pinkinsh sky…Well,if there is some chilli-bajji and a cup of piping tea to go with it,bliss!!

Yes,I love being alone but I am not lonely :).And no,I don’t particularly like hearing songs,any songs for that matter(I know,the stares,I get them every time) but I do have couple of my favourites in all genres,which I can listen to any number of times.I love watching movies,especially those which have rave reviews,but sometimes I do find them boring(to tell the truth) like for instance, Citizen Kane– I could wonder,why did I watch the movie :P…

I can go on and on..but I think it’s better to stop now!!

And to all of you readers out there thank you for stopping by my little corner in this blog-world and taking a peek into my journey!!


9 thoughts on “Thats Me..!!

  1. Oh my god. A tech lover, baker ,introverted book lover, health conscious pizza lover – are you like my female version or what? 😀 Anyway, cool blog – but when I am gonna get time to raid your blog completely!

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