Thursday Thoughts

It has been quite some time since I had peeped into my nook here in blog world.After many ups and downs in recent months, today I am totally changed, as a person.I decided to start taking baby steps to grow the blog, because¬†it’s the space I missed the most and share things that I love and admire and dislike as well. So wish me luck!! ūüôā

Before you leave for the day here are some of the links from the web, enjoy…

  • This inspiring TEDTalk ūüôā

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Monday Blues



I was that shy and non-existent¬†kid in the school.And I still remember everyone searching for the person who stood first in their class, with such high marks that they themselves have never heard of and that too in one of the dreaded subjects and from the most terrorised teacher in the school.I believe even she was surprised!! ūüėÄ

Yeah, sure.I get the meaning of the quote and that feeling.Guess, I will have just to repeat it once more.Well,where is my wand ?? Ta Da!!

Monday Blues




Since my girl was born I was so cautious to develop her individuality and herself.I really felt that she in no way must be compared to any of her peers or so.I used to make my point to everyone now.Now what struck me is the thought that, “Isn’t the same applicable for me as well ?

Still unable to get over it!!


“Ah….no, not again…there she comes.”

“Now Where do I hide ?”

“Should I pretend to be fast asleep ?”

“Why haven’t my mama come rescue me ?”

“Does crying out loud help me in any way ?”

“Why does she have to do this every time she sees me ??”

Amar, the 5-month-old sighed and thought,”There is nothing I can do other than bear her violent pinching of my cheeks” when¬†he saw the aunty next door coming for him.


Finally I am Home!!

Years of travelling

On pursuing my soul

Builting a destiny of my own

Yet incomplete,I felt

I longed for a place

I never been before

And I reach, finally,

To place called home

To people called parents

As I set my foot in

Somehow,I felt complete!



Finally spending days in the dust,dirt and rubble,Amar finally inhaled a fresh gush of air as he stepped out of his home.The loud noises seemed to fade away and his thoughts ran through his precious memories and a precarious future.

Its funny, that even before his thoughts could complete and the air reached his lungs,he became a memory!

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