Favourite book-to-movie

Well,that has to be To kill a mockingbird

to kill a mocking bird book

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The book was so good and the movie was too.Very few movies manage to capture the essence of books mostly due to sheer volume of imagination put forth by the famous books.But To kill mocking a bird as movie was just right.

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I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the book 🙂


A book that disappointed me..

It was with huge hype that I bought this book,

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Favorite Quotes From Favorite Books

So,lets get started…

Favorite :Female Character

These are the few female characters who came to my mind,

You bet there are so many more!


Favorite : Male Character

Quickly from my mind,they are my favourites,

My favourite writer

As always,we can never single out from among any of our favourites,its a difficult task to just pick one from my list of favourite authors,poets.I always feel that even if a person in his life writes just one line which can touch your heart in any way,(s)he will always be a favourite to you!

Nanditha – a lover of love and of death.She was a versatile and talented poet who has a special place in my heart.


Her words,their meanings ; they sting you so deep…and you are left in awe.

Quoting here is some of my favourite lines from her poems,

” My Mask too fine and serene,
My smile ugly, words worthless
The mask is torn to pieces 
Still I wear a self conscious laugh….”


A book I love but hate at the same time!

Its definitely  Kafka on the Shore,

Kafka On shore

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