Monday Blues!

Just be the moment, feeling all that you feel with deep wisdom of feeling just needs to be felt, never warrants a reaction.

I believe deeply that each one of us, understand the truth these words brings us, the truth that resonates in our lives, the wisdom they bring in the moments of clarity but is sadly ignored.

We have been reiterated the importance of let it go, for more than enough but allowing it stay is also equally valid.Why deny us the happiness of somethings that might not be in confirmation of the rules we follow.

Have a great week ahead!

Six Word Story: Dreams


           “Mundane unimportant days, I dream you!!”


Shweta’s Prompt for Week #37 (May 9, 2020 – May 15, 2020) is Dreams


Monday Blues


Maybe we won’t remember wishing for the place,

Maybe the place does not resonate with us anymore

Maybe the place becomes suffocating

No matter what,we always get to that place, where we wanted to be

And we always do have the choice whether we want to linger there a little time or be content or even to move on…to newer places




My Musings on Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine



By the end of the book, I was assured that Eleanor Oliphant was fine and so was I, in knowing that somewhere down the timeline of our life we all will embrace the words “I am fine”, as though it sums up everything we would want to say to ourselves and the world out loud, even if we have no listeners.

Shamefully, I wandered off in between as I found a forceful coalition of situations was created to lead Eleanor to the point where she starts to understand and deal with her trauma, though I couldn’t find any other way to make her question her true identity!

The pace picked up for me or rather I was too much of wanting to read about how she dealt with her past memories. This is a good read, Eleanor grows upon you. We immediately feel sorry for her, as we understand what she is missing and she being oblivious to everything around her. We sympathize with her scars and wanted her to find a way out of the protective cocoon she made for herself. We would want to embrace her. Even at the beginning, we are rooting in for her which brings me to Raymond. A perfectly ordinary guy and most importantly a friend who stuck long enough. That one person is what we all want in our life. That changes the equation of life, not necessarily by that person.

I wondered if only she had not met Raymond, what would have happened? There are so many people who cannot form any sort of bond with anyone. People just don’t include a person like Eleanor to their circle because they believe this person does not like to be involved. What would happen to them? What if they are too fragile to help themselves? It’s very easy for anyone to tell, just do it but for overcoming any traumatic event in their life however small it seems to need a lot of courage and a little bit of help!

This was the first read of the year and I want to keep the momentum going.

Title – Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
Author – Gail Honeyman
Format – Kindle
And, I Loved!