Monday Blues



I was that shy and non-existent kid in the school.And I still remember everyone searching for the person who stood first in their class, with such high marks that they themselves have never heard of and that too in one of the dreaded subjects and from the most terrorised teacher in the school.I believe even she was surprised!! 😀

Yeah, sure.I get the meaning of the quote and that feeling.Guess, I will have just to repeat it once more.Well,where is my wand ?? Ta Da!!

Monday Blues




Since my girl was born I was so cautious to develop her individuality and herself.I really felt that she in no way must be compared to any of her peers or so.I used to make my point to everyone now.Now what struck me is the thought that, “Isn’t the same applicable for me as well ?

Still unable to get over it!!

Monday Blues



I just was wondering when was the last time I forgot to count the days towards any event like a vacation or a holiday or even just the weekend.And why was I eagerly waiting for these breaks ??

Well, its  good to realise that sometimes even a simple activity of thinking differently might bring that joy back to the work we do and help you forget the need for counting days

Monday Blues!!



I am one among that group of people[ I presume there are many many folks like me out there, cheers to you guys] who dream all about what they want and what they can become in like 3 years or 5 years or even 6 months,but totally forget/ignore/overestimate/underestimate what that needs to done “TODAY” to build the “FUTURE” dream 🙂

Monday Blues ~


Is it that simple is to achieve our success?

We all have troubles in making our goals a reality and I think it is because we always see only the final picture of our outcomes.This, either gets us motivated and working which is good, but I believe for most of us [ atleast for me ] this over-dependency on the outcome makes us fatigued.

We make ourselves believe that we have almost achieved the target and rest are achievable or we tell ourselves “Argh, why did I do this to me? “, either way, we are doomed with some guilty pangs.

There is nothing wrong having big goals, the only thing to keep in mind is to do that small bit every single day without fail which accumulates and by the end of the year, we might just have achieved our targets without any fuss.

Doing that bit every day consistently produces more results than trying and doing everything all at once.But this is difficult as we are accustomed to seeing only the big picture and feel bad.I too often beat myself up and forget that all I need to do is to read some 30 pages every day to reach my goal of 52 books this year or do a single workout circuit every single day without fail to realize my gift body.The quicker we realize that smaller steps are easier to conquer and lead us to a faster and solid way to our final goal.

Cheers to taking smaller steps to reach bigger goals.