Monday Blues!!


There comes a crisis in our life and boom, we simply stop and stare as if there is no one else is unluckier than us in this whole world.We deeply feel as if life had been very unkind to us.And we conveniently forget that we have a choice on how to respond to any situation in our life.

Once we realize that we still have the same set of colors with us, albeit a little broken here and there must not deter our life or our choices. Our choices are little supernovae of ourselves when we had the courage to trust, believe in one!!


Monday Blues!!



When you think of the meaning of this quote, you realise that all through these years you had held the power of deciding your future.Not your parents, not your destiny, not your stars, not your nosy neighbours, not your friends.

Its always you who decide what you want to do with this miraculous life given to you.How stupid are we to ruin it for petty things, when all we need is to make that one decisive step and keep your foot firm on it to turn around your life!!.

Yes,today is my Day 1 into a new life where I get to decide!!

Thanks for joining me 🙂

Monday Blues



I was that shy and non-existent kid in the school.And I still remember everyone searching for the person who stood first in their class, with such high marks that they themselves have never heard of and that too in one of the dreaded subjects and from the most terrorised teacher in the school.I believe even she was surprised!! 😀

Yeah, sure.I get the meaning of the quote and that feeling.Guess, I will have just to repeat it once more.Well,where is my wand ?? Ta Da!!

Monday Blues




Since my girl was born I was so cautious to develop her individuality and herself.I really felt that she in no way must be compared to any of her peers or so.I used to make my point to everyone now.Now what struck me is the thought that, “Isn’t the same applicable for me as well ?

Still unable to get over it!!

Monday Blues



I just was wondering when was the last time I forgot to count the days towards any event like a vacation or a holiday or even just the weekend.And why was I eagerly waiting for these breaks ??

Well, its  good to realise that sometimes even a simple activity of thinking differently might bring that joy back to the work we do and help you forget the need for counting days

Monday Blues!!



I am one among that group of people[ I presume there are many many folks like me out there, cheers to you guys] who dream all about what they want and what they can become in like 3 years or 5 years or even 6 months,but totally forget/ignore/overestimate/underestimate what that needs to done “TODAY” to build the “FUTURE” dream 🙂