“Though I have spent an epoch of my life being in love with you, I envisage that nothing has changed even the fragrance that deluges the seams of air, whispered the droplets of rain as she made love to the parched earth with all her vigour and passion.”

In response to Daily Prompt: Fragrance


I am made from a copy of genes

Yet,I’m a new me !!

And I try to be someone beyond me

Why am I being a copycat ?


In response to the Daily Prompt: Copycat

The Tree

The roots, strong and grounded

The branches, spreads a warm welcome

The million leaves, green and brittle

The trunk,mighty in the face of storm

The twigs,but bow humbly to the breeze

The huge home, to a few hundreds

Forcing but none to stay

Takes the trash and gives us life

Harming none on the on the way

And yet we, the “humans” destroy

“The Tree”



In response with the Daily Prompt : “Tree

Picture Courtsey : Google

Note : Edited 🙂






Even the loud waves crashing on the shore could not yet beat the deafening silence she left behind.

Note: Somehow for me, the above sentence feels complete!


In response to the Daily Prompts : Silence


My mum left for her night shift,though I really begged her not to go.
It’s the third night in a row.

I shivered at the thought of spending it with my dad, alone…
In response to the Daily Prompt “Shiver”

Note:Inspired by an answer in Quora