A promise to never to be anxious about my future and sad about my past.

A promise to realize that I too can win hearts and accolades

A promise to never to subdue my needs and wishes

A promise to never heed an ear to others who say,I can’t

A promise to finally listen to my spirit,that leads my way

A promise to my child to help her find her way and not walk on it

A promise to my loved one to never be a wall on their way to their dreams

A promise to myself to not ignore my strength,you see I am no longer that elephant tied with mere rope to the tree 🙂


Note : This prompt had really made me sit and think about the fake promises I keep telling myself and never fulfilling them.I always  end up dejected and never really have the strength to keep going.Today is a new day and I promise to keep it that way!


Day 7 of barathon

Wishful Thinking

Hopefully,I will be able to post something or the other before the time’s up for today’s  yesterday’s prompts 🙂

Note : A daughter’s urges are more important than my urge to write it out 🙂

Day 6 of barathon



First Gift :)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.43.48 pmA pair of “Tiny Shoes” were our first gift for our lil “N”.We were forbidden by our families to buy anything before our baby was born,but I could not resist myself from not buying this pair of cuties for my child.And I know, I will forever cherish the moments I spend staring at the booties and how I would gently make her wear them :).

Well,my girl completely and utterly refused to wear them for what so ever reason,only know to her! That made me realize,she would never need my fashion advice 😛


Day 5 of barathon


A Forensic Doctor

Caught Redhanded” read the headlines.It reported the capture of a sexual predator while in a horrendous act of molestation.He also  pleaded guilty to several such acts in and around the area.

My thoughts wandered to the day,I had to forcibly open a pair of red hands,smeared in blood,pleading for a release.

I am a forensic doctor.

Day 4 of barathon


A beautiful memory was sealed with a twinkle in your eyes and a “Yes“,of that day,when I took your hand and declared my love.

A beautiful memory was sealed with a tear in your eyes of that day when we had our baby.

A beautiful memory was sealed with pride in your eyes of that day when we built our home.

We built so many moments and memories to share for a lifetime.

But,today,after so many years of togetherness,it breaks my heart to look into your empty eyes eroded off the moments we spent together.

Yet,I realize that maybe tomorrow there is a hope of blooms filling with the fragrance of our time together.

Memories are so frail,their essence is lost if we have none to share in our fragile lives


Day 3 of barathon