Monday Blues

I am continuously in a loop of living the same day over and over again. I realize I want out but I am unable to find a way!!

I tried many things, but nothing stuck with me and hence I am stuck where I am. And, truly I don’t know what to do ahead!

Monday Blues – Struggle


You go, girl!!  “Believe that there is that something inside you that helps you out of any trouble, someone who miraculously brings to you solutions to your problems and help you find your way.All you now need is to take a deep breath and continue doing things with the new found confidence that somehow things will all come together and will result in something so beautiful or something about which you might not have thought about”

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Monday Blues!!


Being comfortable in your world is something,which we all yearn for.If that good day,could become every other day,we become so happy.But then being at the same place for so long that we cease to see ourselves elsewhere.That is difficult.Seeing the whole of your future mapped makes us feel bad instead of happy.Well at least for me.It offers no room for improvement.The same old routines make life, well lifeless.We become so engrossed in building the life, which feels alien to us and after a certain period of time we feel weak to be even able to take a decision to step away from your comfort zone!

Certainly stuck in this place and now,even taking the smallest decision to find something that interests me is so very difficult.Someone has quoted my mental state so accurately!

This quote is so profound!