Happy Smileys

This is a sweet memory I cherish with my little brother who is now is some 2000kms away for his job, and ,

I dearly miss him.

My mother never made us any french fries or burgers though we both loved them and absolutely jump into any such occasions when we can have them.Our first taste of french fries came when we were visiting our Aunt.She was very quick in making them.It was so easy peesy!And boy it was yum with the ketchup!! :D.We wanted more,but then my mother was showing her round eyes when my hands wanted to grab everything in the plate.She made fries_not_seen_kid_poker face 😀 and said to my Aunt that she can never make anything like this.To which my aunt,laughed and told my mom she got these from her nearby super market and was called McCain French Fries

We both noted the name “McCain” in our minds and was waiting for a golden opportunity to lay hands on them,once again.Then a day came,quite a long time after the first tasting.It was when our parents were out of town,we decided to buy McCain French Fries and try it at home.Our parents had given us some money incase of any emergency.I was confident enough to make them as I had already seen how my Aunt made them. And I knew ,I just have to follow instructions on the cover!

My brother went to the near by supermarket and bought a packet of McCain Smileys and Potato Wedges.We were both scared and happy.We placed the oil,lighted the fire,waited for it become hot enuf to put the smileys.But patience was quite less and we added the first one before the oil became hot.Alas,it was kind of soggy.After the first flop performance,we then waited a bit until the oil had heated up.We tried one more of the smileys and whoa,that was just awesome.

I still remember the smile on my brothers face on our success.It was a quick cooking and we finished up everything 😀 :D.

I was so happy that my little brother was happy.And we promised to have another round when our parents were out of station the next time.

PS: My mother did find out about our adventure from the covers and she asked us to keep for her the next time.:D LOL

Update – 01/Mar/2016 : 

McCain IndiBlogger Contest Winner


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